Our Advice:

Our advice service aims to choose the right products for you. Once this service is complete, you’ll will leave with recommendations that suit your aspirations and will impact on the future of your finance overtime.

Ongoing advice is available to you – see below for ongoing advice charges – if not, you are always welcome to contact us again in the future if you require further advice.

What we will charge:

Procuration fee: 0.3% – 0.6%

Application Fee: Around £500


Procuration fees vary between lenders.


Procuration fees

Procuration fees (“Proc fees”) are paid by the lender to us (the broker) when the mortgage completes. If it is a standard residential mortgage, a “proc fee” is usually between 0.3% and 0.6% of mortgages total value.

Depending on the type of mortgage product you are applying for, Proc fees will differ. For example, lifetime mortgages tend to have much higher proc fees. This is due to the deals being more difficult to arrange.

We get a proc fee from each deal we help to arrange.

Procuration Fee_

Application fee

We will charge an up-front application fee. This will usually be around £500, but it will vary depending on:

The type of product you are getting

The value of the mortgage

The rate of the adviser


Buy to let mortgages, for example, are usually a more difficult mortgage to arrange, therefore the fee for getting one will most likely be higher than a standard residential mortgage.

Application fee
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