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The Defined Benefit Review Service...

Our Defined Benefit (DB) Review Service will assess the suitability of your Defined Benefit (also known as Final Salary) pension and whether it is in your best interests to potentially transfer it.

“Ashley always makes often complex changes around pensions simple – providing honest advice in layman’s terms. Leaving you safe in the knowledge that he’s found the right product, specific to your personal circumstances”

– Mr Cafferkey

Here’s how we work

  1. Initial engagement

At the start of the process we take the time to explain everything to you, as well as issuing our Terms of Business, which includes an overview of our charges. We also ask you to sign and return a Letter of Authority for your pensions.

  1. Information gathering 

When we receive your signed Letter of Authority, we will contact your pension providers to gather any relevant scheme details.

  1. Fact Find meeting 

This provides even more insight to help you decide whether you wish to continue with the advice process. If you agree to proceed, your dedicated Financial Adviser will carry out a detailed ‘Fact Find’ meeting via telephone or ‘Face to Face’ meeting to gather as much information as possible about your financial life and talk in detail about your objectives.

  1. Initial Advice 

This abridged advice, is a shortened form of regulated advice which will determine whether a transfer out of your Pension is unsuitable or unclear. This will be presented to you as an Initial Advice report.

  1. Full Advice 

If the outcome of the Initial Advice is unclear, you are able to choose to proceed through to Full Advice. This will involve a full comprehensive analysis of your pension scheme, in order to deliver a personal recommendation. A full report will be issued to you and an advice meeting will be held with your dedicated Financial Adviser.

  1. Transfer 

Should a transfer be deemed suitable and you wish to proceed, we will issue you the required documents and facilitate the transfer.

Our commitment to you 

 To be open and transparent…

 To never handle your money…

 Proud and independent…

Why should you use Thomas Whiting Ltd? 

The advice we give will always be in your best financial interest. 

“Contacted Ashley as I’d been recommended to speak to him via a friend from work. It was time to consider my options with my pension pots. Nearing retirement, it was unclear what my options were. Ashley was able to show me all the options available to me and make things very clear on the workings of each.

Explained everything very clearly and gave me a clear understanding of what retirement will look like in monetary terms. I’ve recommended Ashley to others friends since.”

– Pamela

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