You’re Making The Right Choice…

By contacting us about your pension, you’ve taken the first steps to a brighter retirement.

The last thing you need when getting to your retirement age is realising that your pension will not allow you to do what you want or that poor investments have now left you short.

We believe in delivering expert pension advice to everyone, helping people across the UK take control of their pensions to secure a comfortable retirement.

We are a little different from a normal pension adviser, always working for you to deliver jargon-free professional advice that’s affordable, at a time that suits you.

What’s Included…

  • Our Defined Benefit Review Service typically includes:
  • Gathering all relevant pension information
  • A ‘getting to know you’ meeting with a Financial Adviser
  • Assessment of your needs and objectives
  • Initial Advice Report Initial Advice Presentation meeting with your qualified Financial Adviser
  • Full pension scheme and policy analysis
  • Full Advice and recommendation report
  • Full Advice presentation meeting with a qualified Financial Adviser
  • Implementation of Advice given

The Defined Benefit Review Service...

Our Defined Benefit (DB) Review Service will assess the suitability of your Defined Benefit (also known as Final Salary) pension and whether it is in your best interests to potentially transfer it.

“Ashley always makes often complex changes around pensions simple – providing honest advice in layman’s terms. Leaving you safe in the knowledge that he’s found the right product, specific to your personal circumstances”

– Mr Cafferkey

Here’s how we work

  1. Initial engagement

At the start of the process we take the time to explain everything to you, as well as issuing our Terms of Business, which includes an overview of our charges. We also ask you to sign and return a Letter of Authority for your pensions.

  1. Information gathering 

When we receive your signed Letter of Authority, we will contact your pension providers to gather any relevant scheme details.

  1. Fact Find meeting 

You will be asked to watch our ‘triage’ video and review a series of case studies. This provides even more insight to help you decide whether you wish to continue with the advice process. If you agree to proceed, your dedicated Financial Adviser will carry out a detailed ‘Fact Find’ meeting via telephone to gather as much information as possible about your financial life and talk in detail about your objectives.

  1. Initial Advice 

This abridged advice, is a shortened form of regulated advice which will determine whether a transfer out of your Defined Benefit scheme is unsuitable or unclear. This will be presented to you as an Initial Advice report.

  1. Full Advice 

If the outcome of the Initial Advice is unclear, you are able to choose to proceed through to Full Advice. This will involve a full comprehensive analysis of your pension scheme, in order to deliver a personal recommendation. A full report will be issued to you and an advice meeting will be held with your dedicated Financial Adviser.

  1. Transfer 

Should a transfer be deemed suitable and you wish to proceed, we will issue you the required documents and facilitate the transfer.

Full Advice Fee – Payment Options 

You’re able to choose how to pay our Full Advice Fee from the following options:

  • Paid out of your pension pot. This option will only be available if a transfer proceeds and is made into a pension product that facilitates adviser charging. This is the most tax-efficient way for our fees to be paid.
  • Paid by cheque or bank transfer. This option is available if the advice is to retain the scheme in place, or to transfer and the payment must be made in full.


Our commitment to you 

To be open and transparent…

We work in an open and transparent manner and keep you informed on the progress of your assessment every step of the way.

To never handle your money…

We never handle anyone’s pension funds.  Any transfers are carried out between pension providers. This gives you and your pension funds greater security.

Proud and independent…

As an independent, impartial advisory firm, we are not tied to any pension provider.  Our independence allows us to work with the whole of the market to find the best  performing and most suitable pension for you. We recommend pensions from the  most reputable UK providers for added security and your peace of mind.

Our guarantee 

We guarantee that the pension advice we deliver  will always be in your best financial interests.

Why should you use Thomas Whiting Ltd? 

We can give you advice on your pensions and can help with planning your retirement.

We are a very open and transparent business, meaning

we will give you all the information regarding your

pension to make informed decisions regarding your future.

The advice we give will always be in your best financial interest. 

“This firm have a wealth of experience in all forms of financial advice. They managed to sort out my mortgage and find me a much better rate, as well as saving me money on my existing life insurance and home insurance. Would recommend and use myself again in future.”

– Gemma

How we are different 

Firstly, we are telephone and internet-based, meaning that we keep our running costs  low and pass those savings over to you.

This also allows us to speak to you from the comfort of your own home, there is no  need to book in an appointment. If you live locally, you are more than welcome to visit our offices to meet your Adviser.

Our specialist Defined Benefit Pension Advisers have over 100 years combined financial experience, are directly employed by Pension Works and based in our office in Cheshire. They are fully qualified to deliver trusted advice on Defined Benefit pensions.

Why should you get expert pension advice? 

Pensions can be confusing, full of complex jargon, a range of investments and service fees that can impact on how your pension grows.

We are pension experts and using our experience and knowledge, we will breakdown  the complex barriers and explain your pension to you in plain English, enabling you to  make informed decisions regarding your future.

Our mission is to help bring sound financial advice to people from all walks of life.

When can you retire? 

The earliest you can usually take your pension is at 55 years old, but it’s up to you when and how you want to take it. You could take a tax-free lump sum and continue to work, leave your pension where it is or look for a more secure fund to protect the funds you’ve built up.

Retirement on the horizon 

Retirement may be on the horizon, but if  you have five years left to your target retirement age, do you know how much you will receive in retirement or even if your current pension will allow you to do the things you need?

It’s never too late to get your pension assessed to see how your pension is performing and whether it will allow you the access you require.

As you move closer to retirement, often you may look for pensions that are more secure and less susceptible to financial loss as you will no longer have the years to build up that pension again.

We will carry out a full attitude to financial risk assessment as part of our service to ensure your investments are aligned to your appetite for risk.


The Pension HealthCheck Service 

A free Pension HealthCheck from Pension Works provides thorough insight into past  performance of your Defined Contribution pension and monitors if there are better  pensions on the market, thereby allowing you to better plan for the future.

We are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – so any advice we give, has to be in your best financial interest.

A HealthCheck Includes:

  • Our Pension HealthCheck Service can advise on:
  • Pension Annuity
  • Pension Consolidation
  • Pension Drawdown
  • Retirement planning
  • Pension Performance
  • Management Charge

 Don’t Delay!

The earlier Thomas Whiting Ltd undertake a HealthCheck of  your current pension(s), the sooner we can check you’re  in the right pension for you. If not, we can implement  any recommendations we make to help get you back on track.

Our recommendations may include moving your pension to a fund with lower ongoing charges,  allowing your pension to grow at an accelerated rate.

 It may also include re-balancing risk, lowering the  likelihood of your pension being damaged by a higher  risk investment. By putting a retirement plan in place it  will help provide you with the peace of mind you will be  in the best possible place when you reach retirement.


Looking for Pension Advice?

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